Elevating your financial future

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01. Capture the full financial picture

We will guide you to build a complete personal profile. Having a clear picture of what matters to you gives us clarity. Your finances and investments can then be tailored to these goals and optimised for you.

Building a bespoke wealth plan for your future is now within easy reach.


02. Create your personal blueprint

Any financial decision impacts your overall investment plan. Rosecut instantly and constantly evaluates your options, giving you clarity to make informed financial decisions. Get tailored recommendations outlining the most advantageous way to protect and grow your wealth.

No catch, no fees and unrivalled impartiality to benefit your unique set of needs.


03. Embrace agile and active investment management

Following a thorough assessment of your risk-level and goals, together we’ll create a suitable portfolio using a proprietary investment strategy and cost-efficient instruments. Set your investment preferences and let our experts actively manage this for you.

Fuel your financial future with inclusive privileges

balance sheet

Personal wealth balance sheet

A dynamic real-time balance sheet, concisely capturing your personal wealth portrait.

cash flow

Cash flow projections

Lifetime cash flow and goal-based projections to help you build a strategy for your financial future.

multi-currency investments

Connect multi-currency assets

We make it easy to get a clear picture of your combined assets over your financial life.

tax advice

Bespoke wealth guidance

Get a tailored strategy powered by industry-leading expertise, crafted only for you.

offshore investment

Offshore investments

If required for planning purposes, we can open offshore accounts for you.

portfolio management

Best-in-class portfolio management

Expertly managed, globally diversified investment products designed for optimal results.

Your personal financial hub

Stay in control and get highly secure, instant access to a range of digital services that keep you connected to all aspects of your wealth.

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Wealth management redefined

Let your personal investment management team take care of it all.

With industry-leading expertise by your side, you won’t have to worry about what to invest or when to buy and sell. We match your present-day finances to your future aspirations to generate inflation adjusted, tax optimised returns.

We look after your investments as if they were our own.

investment management
investment management
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Tailored to you



Digitally driven, embracing change and international. We understand your fast-paced way of life and we know that you’re about growth, global aspirations, and ambition. Your investments need to match that. More details



Hardworking and dedicated, you deserve to reap the rewards of your efforts. With a team of investment professionals by your side, you can focus on your business and conquer what you want most in life. More details



Experience, ambition and expertise have driven you and brought you this far. We’ll help you make the right choices to protect the wealth you have accumulated so you can enjoy life to its fullest potential. More details

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