Making your mark

As a pioneer who is progressing towards an outstanding financial achievement, we understand your desire to maximise your potential. Rosecut is reimagining wealth management in a digital age, with the industry-leading expertise you can entrust to take care of your assets.

A Rosecut wealth manager allows you to take the risks you need to succeed in business while giving you a safety net for your current pool of assets.

Harmonising your lifestyle and wealth

The financial decisions of today will impact your future wealth. We provide you with instant clarity so you can make decisions quickly.

Protect your capital and find investment solutions you can trust. With dedicated guidance, you’re free to focus on expanding your empire, while we focus on growing your wealth.

With the Rosecut engine, you can play out different financial scenarios independently within minutes. What’s more, you can access it wherever and whenever you like.

“My career is about growth and taking risks. But with my finances, I want stability for my family.”

Marco Rossi

A plan that builds foundations for your future and raises your wealth potential

We blend cutting-edge technology with industry-leading expertise and present you with an impartial service that speaks to your future wealth goals.

  • Expert guidance that factors your desire to protect your capital while optimising your expected returns
  • By understanding your current needs and future objectives, we create a bespoke plan to support your aspirations
  • Join an exclusive club that connects you with opportunities to learn about wealth-related topics, both online and in-person
  • Using world-class expertise to drive decisions, we react and respond quickly to the changing markets
  • Your personal financial hub gives you access to your very own dynamic wealth portrait in real time, anytime

The trusted investment solution you’ve been looking for is finally here.

Available on iOS and Android