We don’t chase the market, we pursue your goals

We take a thoughtful investment approach to maximise your chance of meeting your objectives. We help you achieve a steady growth and make your money work for you in the best possible way. We’re hands-on, so you don’t need to be.

Investment management, done differently

Combining the reliability and stability of discretionary management while still giving you the option to hold interesting thematic investments.

Proactively managing your risk

Get peace of mind as your total investment pot remains under our expert supervision. With decades of collective investment know-how, our team rapidly adapts to changing market conditions and effectively manages the daily burden on your behalf.

Unrivalled Expertise in the palm of your hand

Built to be accessible, anywhere and anytime. Rosecut gives you a real-time view of your wealth and supports you to grow it.

Less paperwork – less delays.

01. Project your net worth over time

By using a range of complementary data points, you get scenario-based costings that provides clarity on the impact of your overall financial picture; when any change or decision is made.

02. A fee that means more of your wealth gets invested

Wealth management and transparency haven’t always gone hand in hand. We’re changing the way things are done. We charge a reasonable 1% p.a. fee + VAT * with no hidden costs.

03. Iterate your strategy anytime, as your life changes

With a perfect blend of AI and industry-leading expertise, we focus on getting to know you, and your evolving needs during each stage of your life so we can anticipate any changes over our time together.

* The spreads involved when trading instruments are not included in this, as they are typically low and difficult to quantify. The 1% +VAT cost, does however include the cost of underlying instruments used.

How we work

A smart infrastructure for a smooth experience

Rosecut platform

Cutting-edge tech that delivers the experience you deserve. A Triple-secured platform with better than bank-grade encryption for complete peace of mind. With our proprietary technology, we give you the freedom to choose how you connect with us, be that online, by email or over the phone.

Open Banking APIComing Soon

An open banking pioneer in UK wealth management, Rosecut will give you back control of your data, provide effortless account opening and allow you to consolidate and monitor all of your financials on our platform.

Custodian Setup

We have chosen WealthKernel Limited, a well recognised and UK FCA regulated financial institution to safeguard your assets. WealthKernel support us with custody and superior trading infrastructure. Together, we deliver a seamless service with robust security and unfaltering flexibility.

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